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I am pinched by how we’ve twisted human connections.
Turning meets and greets into chess matches.
Should I call, or should they?
Should I call now or three days later?
I think I’ll call three seconds later than the longest time they took to call me last time.
But first…let me see if they’ll walk through fire for me.

Games, mental play, tests,
I can’t stand them!!!

Life is already too burdened and too complicated to play around with our most innate desire.

Think how happy we would be if we eliminated losses or gains.
If we weren’t too obsessed with power or weakness.

How sweet would our morning coffee be if all we had to do was pick the damn phone and just said, “Hey, I like you…”


Author: Samburu Girl

I read, I watch, I observe, I obsess, Thus I write... Welcome

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