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Face Masks

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#coronicles …

Got out of the house today to get some shopping done. It felt like a road trip especially since my road trip partner was also heading there. I was super excited, showered properly, got all dressed, even ironed my shirt, perfumed up, wore my elaborate earrings, sunglasses ( thank goodness for the weather) almost did a G&T mix in my coffee mug ( if you don’t know why then you don’t road trip well) one last look in the mirror and out I go….

But wait….missing something…a face mask!

I got to the mall and I was fascinated at how everyone had one on. Same way everyone had a pair of shoes….or something on their feet. Different colours too, white, medical blue, Ankara, bandanas, handkerchiefs, hands covering faces…. whatever mode used, we were all a mouth covered population.

Dystopian creepy.

As I shopped though I couldn’t help but notice, these masks are awesome …I love talking to and do it frequently especially when I need to make a quick decision, so shopping while adorned in a mask, I found that awesome. I can mouth additions and subtractions, I can gasp at ridiculous price offers, I can debate impulse purchases to me myself and I like an animated sibling battle…all the while non would be the wiser.

Another pro is the eye contact game, I looove a good eye contact, non flinchy, one that signifies strength, a come hither, a smile, a naughty one , a ‘I see you see me seeing you’. A great way to eliminate weak character is to judge eye contact. If you can’t give me one keep it moving.

Do those suffering from halitosis (knowingly or unknowingly) know that they have that as a…thing that they should look into? No? Then they now will. If I want to jump off the window of the Uber while it moves just Cz the driver opened his mouth, I imagine it’ll be hell when their nose is trapped under that mask. Perhaps now these special peeps will take mouth hygiene seriously? No?