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Back to grind

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Biggest challenge 2021, so far…
Is getting back here.
I could say that I went on holiday.
Or that life was happening and stuff.
Or that it was December.
That since the year had been long, I deserved a break.

But the adult in me would admonish,
‘What break????”.
“2020 was one big break. Get back here and write stuff.”
‘Hold yourself accountable to the passion and dream.”
“Reward your future self by straitening your present’s back by not leaning on your lazy past.”

Ok, perhaps not as harshly.

2020 was that year,
It was wind and fire, brimstone and ice
But it was also…
Back to that blank page where you ask,
What did I miss? What is the big picture?
Am I, who I should be?

Well, 2021 is where you get to answer all that.
This (hopefully, I’m trying not to put too much pressure on this year, like I did the last thus it blowing)
This is the year you work for those answers
Or define what they could be
Then answer them
Try to.

Or maybe, this is just a normal year.
Just 365 days.
No need to ask it, as whisper the weight of your desires
“where is this going?”
“Are we casual or does this mean something?”
“Will you be kind to me if I promise to return the favour?”
“Take care of me when I fall, or at least try to not let me fall too hard like my ex?”

2021 is hereā€¦albeit two weeks in!
It’s time to get it on,
Do what you need to,
Keep it pushing
So imma do just that…I hope you do too.